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total image salon tanningAt Total Image we pride ourselves on promoting safe, sensible tanning. We are careful to restrict the amount of time our clients spend on sun beds and provide each client with a skin consultation to ensure that they develop a safe, healthy tan. Our state of the art sun beds allow you to develop a beautiful, natural looking sun tan colour quickly and easily.



total image salon tanning 2Try our fast tanning vertical sun beds to prepare your skin before you go into the sun, or to keep that gorgeous holiday tan once you return. Or why not try our relaxing state of the art Ergoline lay down sun bed which features an innovative cooling system with aromatherapy and water sprays to keep you feeling relaxed and cool. The Ergoline has a voice guide to lead the customer every step of the way during the tanning session. It features neck and shoulder tanners, so you don't get uneven tan marks. You can also control the UV output to the face unlike other sun-beds!


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We also have a wide range of sun bed tanning accelerators to help kick start the tanning process. Total Image has always endorsed healthy and responsible tanning. Integral to this is using a lotion before you use a sun bed. Moisturising your skin is the key to building and maintaining a healthy tan. Believe it or not your skin will reflect up to 60% of UV light without the use of a tanning lotion. Therefore for the most effective tanning session, always use a pre-tanning lotion. Moisturised skin tans better!



A Silent Epidemic? Shocking Facts About Vitamin D


total image salon tanning - vitamin DAccording to Good Housekeeping's August 2011 edition, as well as osteoporosis, low levels of vitamin D have been linked to a range of serious conditions from heart disease to diabetes. In a survey of 12 healthy volunteers who took a simple blood test...the results were "alarming". They were all lacking vitamin D which is vital to safeguard the body against a range of serious illnesses. Moreover, in a recent study, "researchers found that women with low levels of vitamin D were, on average, 16.3 lbs heavier than those who were vitamin D sufficient".



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Indoor Tanning Helps Replenish Vitamin D

Indoor tanning helps your body to produce Vitamin D, essential for good health. Vitamin D lowers the risk of everyday infections like colds and flu, as well as more serious diseases like breast cancer.

"A review of studies found that women with high blood levels of vitamin D had half the incidence of breast cancer as those with the lowest levels"
- Good Housekeeping

Sunlight is the most natural and effective way for the body to manufacture Vitamin D - indoor or outdoor. 6 out of 10 adults in the UK are Vitamin D deficient. Studies suggest that regular, moderate use of sun beds will raise the levels of Vitamin D in healthy adults by an average of 40%.

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Tanning in a sensible manner creates a whole host of health benefits!


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