What is permanent cosmetics (micro pigmentation)?

permanent eye liner at Total Image Salon in Nottingham

This is a procedure which is designed to correct, enhance or balance out a patients features. It is completely safe and only natural (hypoallergenic) pigments are used. 
The procedure is carried out within a strict clinical environment, where strict hygiene guidelines are adhered to. The natural pigments are expertly administered into the dermal layer of the skin using state of the art equipment. This will provide the desired effect in the chosen area. 
Cosmetic Tattooing provides a subtle enhancement to the Brow, Eyes, lips etc which would normally last up to 3 years. You can opt for a very subtle look or a more definite look depending on your personal colouring and choice.

Permanent eyeliner

Imagine waking up every day and not having to spend time applying your eyeliner. A little mascara and you are away! permanent eyeliner looks great...

Permanent eyeliner 2

No more struggling to apply your eyeliner...

in place...



Permanent eye liner 3

Wouldn't it be fantastic to go swimming or the spa, maybe having fun at the beach and felling so confident you will look great... through water, sunscreen and even perspiration. Your make up will not smudge or run. Welcome to the world of permanent cosmetics!

Look great 24/7