Permanent eye brows

A well positioned eyebrow shape can not only frame your face, but give you a much more youthful look! A natural day look is fabulous and you can enhance the intensity for more glamour once your shape is permanently in place.

Permanent make up - eye brows 2

Immediately after the treatment the immediate area is slightly red as you can see from the picture, but this is normally short lived.

Permanent make up - eye brows 3

Your technician has a substantial range of colours to match for your personal palette. It is essential that the colour look as natural s possible to get the best effect.

Permanent make up - eye brows 4

Eyebrow tattoos are a new way for people with sparse or few eyebrow hairs to achieve a better, more balanced look.

Permanent make up - eye brows 5

Natural and beautifully shaped brows are such a fabulous improvement.

Permanent make up - eye brows 6

This treatment will improve your image and confidence... Just fantastic!