The wonder of permanent cosmetics

permanent eyeliner eyebrows and lips at total image salon in nottinghamImagine the convenience of having perfectly applied permanent cosmetics that enhances your natural features all day every day? This could be a life changer.

Women of all ages are discovering the benefits of permanently placed Brows. Eyeliner that never smudges! Lip colour that looks so natural that your friends don’t even realise that you are wearing it!

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What is permanent cosmetics?

In the last decade the development of permanent cosmetics has grown tremendously and has become one of the latest innovations to hit the beauty industry both within Europe and the UK.

Permanent cosmetics is a form of tattooing, in which hypoallergenic pigments are introduced into the skin in order to create a shadow of colour that mimics the most perfectly applied make up. It gives you a natural enhancement that will not only look great but will save you hours on makeup application! You can look fabulous 24/7 and your confidence will soar! The colour will gradually and naturally fade over a few years but a retouch will re-boost the effect. The retouch procedure is generally less expensive, we offer you an upkeep package as an incentive to maintain your look.

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