What Is CACI?

The award-winning CACI non-surgical facelift is a serious alternative to cosmetic surgery, and is a safe and natural treatment. It has fantastic anti-ageing benefits, but can also be used as a form of ageing prevention for younger skins (from the late 20’s onwards).

CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument, and is backed by over 20 years of medical research. It's the original non-surgical non-invasive treatment and the only micro- current machine licensed for both cosmetic & medical purposes. CACI remains the market- leader, being considered as the most advanced treatment of its kind.

The CACI micro-current was originally developed by Dr Thomas Wing in the US to treat Bells Palsy and Stroke victims, but it was noted that when treating the affected side of the face, it actually lifted higher than the unaffected side of the face. caci came to the UK in 1992 when it was realised that a medical treatment for retraining facial muscles had cosmetological benefits, thus was the CACI Non-Surgical Facelift born! Previous to this the CACI machine had also been used in the sports field for muscular injuries & in hospital burns units due to its abilities to speed up skin tissue repair.

What Are the Benefits Of CACI?

As we get older we lose muscle tone, the skin will become less plump & our facial blood circulation slows, all of which combine to give the appearance of an "aged skin". CACI works by using micro-current to help "wake up" ageing and sagging muscles by firming, lifting & toning them, as well as working to soften fine lines & wrinkles and speed up cellular renewal. The benefits of this are:

  • Firming & toning the facial muscles helps restore natural contours.
  • Stimulating the circulation to the facial tissues & muscles promotes a more visibly radiant skin.
  • Increasing the production of collagen & elastin helps to plump & firm the skin.
  • Helps to visibly reduce & soften fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Visibly improves skin tissue, working on improving acne scarring, open pores, sun-damage and dry/dehydrated skin.
  • Increased skin cell permeability, for better absorption of the nutrients within your face creams.
  • Increased lymphatic drainage helps to reduce puffiness caused by water retention, as well as to remove waste materials & toxins from the skin.
  • An overall improvement of texture, tone & colour of the skin, giving a more "youthful" complexion.
  • Beneficial healing effects on breakouts


The treatment itself is virtually sub-sensory, which means the treatment, whilst being powerful, is very comfortable to experience – there are no visible muscle contractions, unlike with other forms of current treatments like Galvanic, or Faradic treatments.

CACI treatments can also be used on the delicate skin around the eyes, on the neck, and with great effect on the skin on the back of your hands.

How Does CACI Work?

CACI works with micro-current, which is a very subtle but powerful current, and works at a deep cellular level, which is why it is virtually sub-sensory. The current is much smaller than other current treatments, such as faradic, a 1000 times smaller. Yet despite being smaller it more powerfully effective & more comfortable - it might be said that the low current works in harmony with the body, not against it.

Micro-current is such a small ampage it does not excite the motor nerves & thus does not cause visible muscular contractions, instead it works to stimulate the physiology & growth of the very cells that make up the nerves & skin to have a more profound effect than the old faradic style machines. The face has over 30 muscles that lay directly below the surface of the skin & are connected to the skin's surface, thus by working to tone, lift & re-educate the muscles back to their original position, and thereby correcting the sagging muscle, this in turn corrects the sag of the skin.

These smaller micro-currents are also similar to the naturally occurring bio-electrical currents produced by the body & sent by the brain via the spinal column to muscles & soft tissue in order to stimulate the cells & promote cellular regeneration, growth & repair. As we age our body's ability to produce these bio-electrical rhythms becomes less efficient, thus making micro-current an effective aid in the augmentation of the body's own tissue healing & repair mechanisms.

  • Increases Fibroblast Activity - Fibroblast cells produce Collagen, increasing the skin’s Collagen production by up to 10%. This makes the skin more firm & plump, enables it to be more moisture-retentive & softens lines.
  • Increases Protein Synthesis - Because muscles are largely made of protein this ‘plumps up’ the muscles and rejuvenates them. Elastin (a protein) production is increased by up to 45%. This again improves the appearance of the skin and refines and softens lines.
  • Increases Membrane Transport (Cell Permeability) - As the body ages, cells become less permeable, slowing down or hindering various body processes. Increased cell permeability makes the skin more moisture retentive, working to rehydrate it.
  • Promotes Healing - Because it increases ATP production, Fibroblast activity and protein synthesis, CACI has a beneficial and healing effect on the skin in general. It promotes the healing of scars and blemishes and gives the complexion a wonderful glow.

How Quickly Will I See Results & How Many CACI Treatments Do I Need?

Results are often noticeable after just one hour long micro-current treatment, which makes it ideal as a one-off treatment for a special occasion. However, for optimum results a course of at least 10 treatments is recommended, with a follow-up treatment once a month to maintain results.

As CACI adds tone, but cannot over-develop a muscle, should you decide for any reason not to continue with your treatments the facial muscles will only slowly return to how they were at the commencement of the treatment, they won't get any worse.