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permanent hair removal at total image nottingham salon

Why not try our Laser Technology?

Are you suffering from unsightly hair? When it sprouts in the places where you don't want it, hair can be really embarrassing and troublesome for both men and women alike! With exciting modern laser treatments such as lPL are available at The Total Image Health and Beauty Clinic in Keyworth, Nottingham, you no longer need to suffer in silence!

IPL is a system which treats many types of superficial skin conditions including bacterial acne, acne rosacea, age spots, scarring and stretch marks, to name but a few. Permanent removal of hair follicles is the most common use for this type of laser system.

The treatment is perfect for permanent hair removal from small areas of the face - side burns, centre brow, upper lip or chin. It also works well on much larger areas such as the back or shoulders.

So how does this revolutionary system work, and is it really effective! The Intense pulsing light (IPL) targets melanin; that's the substance which gives hair its colour. The melanin absorbs the heat from the light and conducts it down the hair follicle. In around 21 days the follicle is literally destroyed so that it can no longer produce hair. The surrounding skin is unaffected. It takes on average just six sessions for the area to become smooth and hair free. With the follicle destroyed there is no hair re-growth. Treatments are tailored to meet the precise requirements for each client's skin colour and hair type. The results are fantastic!

Discomfort is very minimal and is over in a few seconds. The area to be treated is first shaved and then the procedure begins. A small area would normally just take a few minutes; with a large area, such as the back would take anything up to an hour.

In addition to laser hair removal, Total Image Health and Beauty Clinic offers an extensive range of affordable treatments for men and women of all ages. This friendly business offers a warm welcome, free refreshments, experienced and highly qualified therapists and flexible appointment times, right in the heart of Keyworth, Nottingham, NG12 5JT.

Shouldn't 2015 be the year you regain your confidence and reinvent yourself? Call for a confidential chat or to book an appointment, or just pop into Total image Health and Beauty Clinic . You'll be so glad you did.