Feeling stressed

total image salon beauty treatment massageMassage has many, many benefits. Do you often suffer with headaches? General fatigue? Not many people realise that we hold so much of our daily stress in our shoulders and neck area which is very destructive and can contribute to a vast array of illness. A good way to distress is to treat yourself to a regular quiet treatment... this will allow your body and mind to slow down and reboot. How important is your health to you?

Why not allow one of our highly trained therapist help you to re-balance. The benefits will not only improve your general wellbeing but have an impact on the closest people to you! We offer all types of massage. An Indian head massage is an amazing way to release stress and unblock pathways around your neck and brain. You will feel genuinely revitalised.

It’s time to take charge of you! The value of your health is priceless... Book in and have a chat, let us see how we can help you to make a positive change and feel great.

Semi permanent eye lashes

total image salon semi permanent eye lash extensionsDo your eyes look small and insignificant? Maybe your eyes look more tired than you feel. Do you struggle to apply mascara? Maybe due to impaired vision, or your lashes are well...just too short!

Your eyes are the first point of contact, after all they are the windows to your soul!

Eyelash extensions are like nail extensions, in that you can have them on for a short spell, for a holiday or special occasion. Alternatively, if you really enjoy the effect, you can wear them long term.

If you would like to sample soft beautiful and natural lashes

Eye lashes frequent asked questions