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Healthy Ageing and reflexology

A healthy third age

A healthy and happy third age would probably come pretty high up the list of most people's life wishes. It's not just about living longer, but living better! Yet there are many reasons why this might not be so easy; often with age comes long term illness, pain, reduced mobility and reduced social contact.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a touch therapy that works through your feet, hands or face, although most commonly the feet. It requires very little removal of clothing, usually just your socks and shoes. The reflexologist will usually wipe your feet and apply some lotion, then gently massage over your feet, concentrating on particular areas. Reflexologists believe that the body is represented on the feet, hands and face and that certain reflexology points reflect specific areas of the body. The aim is a relaxing and soothing treatment which may have wider health benefits, but will normally give you an enhanced feeling of wellbeing.

Further suggestions for healthy ageing

  • Keep up with or take up exercise; there are many different choices from walking to dancing, playing bowls, gardening or cycling. All will help your circulation and your brain.

  • Exercise also helps with weight control, which can be a bit of a problem after a certain age.

  • You may be offered several health checks through your GP and it is a good idea to take them up on it; health problems spotted early are much easier to treat.

  • Smoking – if you smoke then try to stop; it's bad both for your health and your brain. You can get all sorts of help from your GP to quit.

  • Stay or become more social; we are social animals and we need contact with others for Self-worth. There are many clubs and groups that can be joined and enjoyed.

  • Eat good food every day; include lots of different coloured foods, especially fruit and vegetables.

  • If you have a small appetite, make sure you eat enough – a high calorie treat can be a good thing!

  • Don't forget to take in plenty of fluids too; as we age, the thirst reflex decreases and it is easy to become dehydrated, so try to drink several small glasses of water by sipping them throughout the day.

  • Keep your brain active and challenged daily; this may involve doing crosswords or Sudoku, or taking up some new creative skills like pottery or painting. If you want to continue learning, the University of the Third Age could be just what you are looking for. Ring 020 8466 6139 for advice or check out the website on; they also organise plenty of social activities as well!

  • Ensure a good night's sleep; it can be helpful to reduce daytime napping.

  • Manage stress; our stresses change as we age, but they can still have an effect on our health and wellbeing.

  • Love life! Having a positive attitude as we age has been shownto increase lifespan.

How can reflexology help?

Your reflexologist will talk to you and view you as a whole person, not just as a list of symptoms or medications. They will provide you with lots of support through caring touch. Reflexology aims to relax and de-stress you while possibly helping with other problems such as pain, sleep patterns or mobility. There is also some evidence that reflexology can help with balance and flexibility, both of which are important in the prevention of falls.

Healthy ageing and reflexology

Please note: Reflexology should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice