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The Face and Body lift…..Without surgery!

It's painless, non-surgical and will make you look younger. It's so good that Madonna and Jennifer Lopez have recently had machines installed in their homes. It's CACI (pronounced kay-see) and it stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument.

Technology that is 20 years in the making, originally designed to improve the muscle tone of Bells Palsy and stroke sufferers, is now being hailed as the must-have beauty treatment. CACI uses micro current to gently and painlessly reactivate and tighten sagging facial muscles.

The results are so good, the CACI treatments have been referred to in the industry as a non-surgical face lift and have developed a strong following amongst royalty and celebrities.

CACI works by using a combination of specific frequencies that work with the body’s own bio-electrical field. The technician uses cotton-tipped probes to transmit tiny electrical impulses that stimulate muscle tone and enhance skin tissue. Clients notice a visible difference on the first session but it is recommended to get a course of 10-12 treatments to prolong the effectiveness of the procedure.

At around £50 per treatment, it costs no more than a typical facial, and yet you will enjoy long lasting anti-ageing results. Maidenhead beauty salons offer a variety of CACI treatments including sessions focused on the delicate and tell-tale eye area, or inclusive of other skin replenishing treatments. There are also body treatments available to assist with the toning of bust, buttocks, tummy and other problem areas and even to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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